10 curiosities about Málaga in English

  • Just in Málaga city, the way to order a white coffee has different options, nube (cloud) sombra (shadow) follow the link to know more!
  • For breakfast/lunch we don’t order a sandwich, we order a smurf (small and nice sandwich) (different styles follow the link)
  • Málaga’s cathedral was never finished, it is missing a tower, so it is called «la Manquita» like «little one-armed» (Femenine word)
  • The highest peak of Málaga is called «La Maroma» 2069m
  • In 2018 Cycling round Spain started in Málaga.
  • Nerja Caves (Málaga province) has the biggest stalactite in the world (that we know of, we don’t want to be pretentious) ¡¡¡33 metres!!!
  • After and during, the catholic invasion, the population of Málaga. 1/3 died before the invasion. Another 3rd after. And the other 3rd was send to other «Spanish territories»
  • Picasso was born in Malaga
  • The main door of the central market Atarazanas . Is of Arabic origin from the XIV century.
  • If you walk down our beaches, you’ll see some small boats with fire and small fish on skewers. These are our famous “espetos”! You can’t leave without trying




Hay una frase en español que dice, quien algo quiere, algo le cuesta.

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