Hasta estos días que vivimos, llevábamos años ininterrumpida mente reuniéndonos cada miércoles haciendo el intercambio de idiomas de Brian.

Desde las 20 horas hasta la 00 ó 1:

Este fue el ultimo sitio donde tuvo lugar


Todas las criaturas que beben agua, mueren.

Cerveza en la nevera

brian justice

We are an informal language group that meets several times a week to practice languages, but also to meet new people and find fun things to do in Malaga. You don’t have to sign up ahead of time, or come on time…just come whenever, stay as long as you like and talk to whoever you want! Easy! This is NOT class, just a group with common interest in languages, travel, culture, etc. We are always interested in meeting new people and helping them integrate themselves into the Malaga lifestyle, or in reverse! every Wednesday. We start around 20:00 and end late, around 1:00.

You can also contact us here: intercambiomalaga@gmail.com


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